Refugees in Greece

«Many shall run to and fro…» Daniel 12: 4.

«Behold, the Lord will empty the earth… and scatter its inhabitants… the world languishes and withers; the highest people of the earth languish… for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant…» Isaiah 24:1–5.

Thousands of refugees from Syria and its surrounding countries left their homeland, abandoned their homes and fled for a better life in Europe. In their journey many were drown in the sea. They came to the two hospital countries, Greece and Italy, with the purpose to continue for North Europe.

So, through sea and land, thousands of refugees came to Greece in their long journey…


Greek believers close to the refugees

On September 19th, fifty believers and young people from Greek Macedonia (Neapolis, Phillipi, Thessaloniki, Berea, Alexandreia…) visited many refugees at the borders with the Yugoslavian Macedonia.

Our mission was triple:

  1. To give food to the hungry.
  2. To give water to the thirsty.
  3. To welcome the stranger. (Matthew 25: 35).

We gave: 1) 2.600 bottles of water. 1.500 bags with various food suitable for the refugees.  2) Some believers who are physicians volunteered to offer medical support. 3) The rest of our young men and women cleaned the borders from litter.

It was a special blessing and a unifying experience for all believers. We went with prayer and tears, and we returned with shouts of joy (Psalm 126:5).

It was very touching to watch babies in their parents’ arms walking for miles to take the train or the bus for the next country. All believers in Greece work to help refugees in Athens, Mytilene, Crete…

The Synod of Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Greece coordinated the mission.

We pray: 1) The Lord of Peace, our Lord, to give peace in Syria and its surrounding nations. 2) For us to give the gospel to the thousands of refugees that came to our country.

Dr. Lambis Sidiropulos
Greek Synod